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2010 Mara Pinot Noir (Laughlin)

This was quite a vintage. The seeds remained green almost all the way to the end when we harvested on october 2, 2010. Pretty late for this warmer section of the russian river valley. Sugars came in at 25.2 with a ph around 3.37 and a ta of 5.56. Bright fruit flavors were there from the get go. had the fruit soak for 4 days and the fermentation kicked off on its own. We had to inoculate after about 30% drop in brix and finished the fermentation in barrels. inoculated for ml after primary finished. Started weekly stirring of the lees 10 days after going to barrel and did not stop stirring until april of 2011. Our first and only racking was just prior to bottling. Again this vineyard gives off flavors that are very sexy because of the low yields with lots of fruit and spice to be enjoyed for many years. produced less then 5 barrels.