Price per Bottle: $18.00
2001 Mara Syrage (Library Selection)
Syrah-Cabernet Blend
Use of natural growing techniques allows us to produce wines that show true varietal characteristics with lingering flavors and aromas. Our Syrage is a blend of the premier grapes of Rhone (Syrah) and Bordeaux (Cabernet). It's a category all it's own; fat, dark, rich and inviting, this red wine offers the user a true "Big Boy Red" at an affordable price. This wine is at home with the casual cheeseburger yet the finesse to accompany the world Haute Cuisine. Produced from vineyards controlled and farmed to strict specifications and vinted at Maramonte's bonded, state of the art facility, makes for long-term consistency and quality. Currently, the fastest selling red wine in the Northeast and pointed to launch nationally.