Price per Bottle: $59.00
2006 Mara Reserve Zinfandel (Library Selection)
Russian River Valley, Dolinsek Ranch
MARA RESERVE (DOLINSEK RANCH) R.R.V. ZINFANDEL 2006As always this vineyard consistently produces a big, rich, flavorful wine. The color is red to black plum with the appearance of slow moving tears of glycerin down the side of the glass. The aroma and bouquet are of black licorice, dark chocolate with a touch of tree bark coming from the vineyard soil along with a morel overtone, carmel, spice, and brown sugar. The taste and touch of the wine inside the mouth are of fresh mixed fruit cocktail with a bing cherry snap coming from the wonderful fruit acid combination. The final aftertaste is rich with no sharpness that coats your palate with black fruits, acid, black walnuts and vanilla that come from new and two year old oak barrels. This Zinfandel is what we all try for, "BALANCE" of all the components.